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Renowned for its natural and man-made beauty, the city of Venice spans a series of islands in a shallow lagoon. Venice’s unique geography has a downside, however. Tidal patterns mix with low elevation to cause acqua alta (high water), a periodic flooding that, although not dangerous to human life, impedes transportation and endangers Venice’s priceless architecture.

Historically, an exceptional tide (defined as 1.4 meters above standard sea level) occurs about every four years. For the past decade, however, exceptional tides have happened more frequently, becoming an annual event. Efforts to chart, analyze, and control acqua alta are becoming increasingly crucial to protect Venice and its tourism industry.

In this five-lesson project, you’ll take a trip to Venice using ArcGIS Pro. You’ll build a two-dimensional map of the city and populate it with canals, structures, and some of Venice’s most famous landmarks. Then, you’ll convert the map into a three-dimensional scene. You’ll analyze and quantify the threat of acqua alta, before finally sharing your work online.


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